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There are many ways to give to the Indianapolis Art Center, including in-kind gifts. These can be as valuable to us as cash, and they are also fully tax-deductible. You can browse our current wish lists below, separated by our various departments. For more information or to make a donation, please contact Erin Duffy at (317)255-2464, x 252.


Bailey Ceramics Pro-40 Kiln1$50,000High
Pallet of Hard Brick for Soda Kiln1$800High
Amaco Potter's Wheel Leg Extention Kit2$500High
Fluke Kiln Temperature Thermocouple 1$350High
18" x 18" Kiln Shelves20$50 eachMedium
Amaco Potter's Wheel Booties4$35 per setMedium
24" North Star Slab Roller1$1,150Low
Bailey Power Drive Clay Extruder with Accessories1$1,128Low


Item QuantityPrice (Estimated)Priority
iPad Mini3$299 eachHigh
Extra Pole Lights4TBDHigh
Shelving for Supply Storage1$100High
Materials for Low Model Stand with Lockable Casters1$250High
New Pencil Sharpeners3$25 eachHigh
Fake Flowers/Plants for Still Lifes No LimitVariesHigh
LED Light Pad5$109 eachMedium
Icarus Board Small2$304 eachLow
Light Weight Aluminum Easels6$55 eachLow


Item QuantityPricePriority
Canon DSLR LensesVaries$1,500-$3,000 eachHigh
Canon DSLR Cameras8$500 and up eachHigh
Sony HD Video Camera2$2,000 and up eachMedium
Negative Film Scanner1$1,000Medium
Medium Format Film Darkroom EquipmentVaries$100-$500Medium
Canon 35 mm Student Film Cameras8$520 eachMedium
Fluid Head Tripod2$500 eachLow


Item QuantityPricePriority
Wet Dog Glass Furnace1$47,312High
Front Loading Annealing Kiln1$21,341High
Glass Lathe with Diamond Wheels1$10,000High
Wet Dog Garage1$4,770High
Top Loading Color Oven1$3,836High
Various 24" Electroplated Diamond Disc Wheels7$2,913 totalHigh
Wet Dog Pipe Cooler1$2,350High
Crack-Off Barrel2$795 eachHigh
Foredom 1/3 Flex Shaft Kit1$390High
Long Bladed Jacks1$225High
24" LP66 Polishing Pad1$190High
Blowpipes9$182.50 eachHigh
3/4" Counterweighted Punties12$175 eachHigh
Correll Cork Paddles1$95High
Tagliol3$90 eachHigh
Carlo Dona Pi Dividers1$60High


Item QuantityPricePriority
Diamond Pacific Genie Lapidary4$2,000 eachHigh
Standard Mold Making Kit1$795High
10" Slab Saw Lapidary1$639High
Intarsia Stone Machine/Vertical Flat Lapidary1$595High
Foredom SR Motor with H.20 Handpiece Flexshaft System3$242 eachHigh
Foredom SR Motor with H.30 Handpiece Flexshaft System2$228 eachHigh
Dura-Bull Rotary Double Barrel Tumbler Kit1$125High
Rio Mold Clamp2$62 eachHigh
Mold Rubber5 lbs.$41High
Optivisor with Lens - 113-2082$36 eachHigh
Casters Choice Injection Wax, Pink5 lbs.$25High
Replacement Grinder Heads7$20 eachHigh
Aluminum Mold Frames2$17 eachHigh
7" Guillotine Shear - 114-0231$1,149Medium
Ultralite Kiln for Granulation and Keum-Bo2$135 eachMedium
Glass Grinders2$135 eachMedium
Stone-Setting System1$47Medium
Benchtop Bead Blaster1$179Low
Corrugation Compressor1$65Low
Glass Molds - Variety of ShapesVariesCurrent Market ValueLow


Item QuantityPricePriority
Acid Bath with Rim Ventilation1$7,000High
Lithography Press1$6,100High
Drying Rack - 50 Shelves - 37" x 50"1$3,000High
Anti-Fatigue Mats - Cadillac6$1,225High
Large Brayer3$90 eachHigh
Chandler and Price Printing Press1Current Market ValueHigh
Letterpress Type-Setting Kit3$550 eachHigh
Replacement Printing Glass1$300High
Flat Files2$2,000 eachMedium


Item QuantityPricePriority
Ellis Industrial Drill Press1$3,000High
RIDGID 16 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum1$160High
Diamond Coated Grinding Burrs - 5 Piece Set4$50 eachMedium
Shaping Disc1$149Low
Studio Shop Vac Hepa Filter6$30 eachLow


Item QuantityPricePriority
Powermatic 8" Helical Head Jointer1$7,000High
Powermatic 6" x 48" Belt Sander with 12" Disk Sander1$1,400High
Festool Sander and Vacuum Set1$900High
Festool Domino1$1,300Medium
Nova Comet II Tabletop Lathe2$550 eachMedium
Festool Hepa Filter4$65 eachLow
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